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PREORDER Lighthouse 1/160 with Working Light

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  • PREORDER Lighthouse 1/160 with Working Light
  • PREORDER Lighthouse 1/160 with Working Light

Expected release date is Apr 14th 2023

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PREORDER, 1/160 Scale This easy to assemble kit stands over 10 inches tall. Icludes diorama seacape island base with pilot house, dinghy and wreck boat crashed on the side of the rocks. Comes with working light requires 2 CR2032 lithium batteries not included.

When mankind began navigating the seas, they needed guidance in the dark of night or in foggy weather. It was hard enough to sail around rocky shorelines in daylight. In its earliest form, people would light bonfires to alert approaching ships of hazardous coastlines or to serve as an entrance marker to Ports. Later, they started erecting small-sized stone towers on top of which they would light a fire. Lighthouses have become an iconic symbol of safety, security, and stability and are now a common sight on coastlines across the globe.

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