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Build and Be Happy! Building models can be an artistic discovery and a journey through history. Develop your skills and build a collection with Atlantis Kits. Atlantis is looking to grow a new generation of modelers that can help expand and grow the hobby for generations to come.

Atlantis History:
Atlantis Model Company was founded in 2009 by the former owners of, Peter Vetri and Rick DelFavero. We manufacture injection-molded plastic model kits and hobby related products. When we started back in 2000, we had dreams of becoming more than just another retail hobby shop. We wanted to become an actual model production company like the Aurora Model Co and Revell-Monogram. As Megahobby grew, it gave us the opportunity to create Atlantis and finally come out with our own branded model kits.

  We started with a few basic flying saucer kits (designed by EL Pangman), the E.V.E. Saucer with lights and the TR-3E Triangular UFO. We then teamed up with Lindberg to re-release the infamous Glow-Pilot UFO. This was the first science fiction model kit ever produced and the tooling dated to 1954.

  We then brought back the Wildlife Series of models originally produced by Aurora. We thought this would be a great way to introduce model building to a new generation of builders. We created new steel tooling of the American Bison and a larger new sculpt of the Black Bear and Cubs kit. We also re-issued the White Stallion kit to round out the group.

   Next on the list was the licensed Zorro figure on his horse Tornado. We had always enjoyed figure building and tracked down the original tooling. After some freshening up and securing the original box-art with Mort Kunstler, it hit the shelves.

               Thru our new relationship with Revell-Monogram on the Zorro project, we had the chance to re-issue the Giant T-Rex kit from the Prehistoric Scenes Series. This series was a big hit for the Aurora Model Co. back in the 70's and the T-Rex had been re-issued several times in the past (under the Monogram label). Thru an arrangement with Dencomm Productions, we were able to use the Prehistoric Scenes name. What a giant kit!

  Our next choice of kits to re-issue was Blackbeard the Bloodthirsty Pirate. It is known to be the most dynamically posed Aurora kit ever produced. A new steel tooling was reverse engineered and some fit issues addressed and Blackbeard was finally released in 2012.

Our desire to have car kits in our line led us to the tracking down of the old Merit Racing kits of LeMans winners in 1/24 scale. These kits of the Alfa-Romeo and Lago-Talbot hadn't been released in many years. This led to a new relationship with the Smer Model Company.

   Our first official Toy release was the Battery Operated Titanic. 12 inches long, it motors thru bathtubs and swimming pools and made it just in time for the 2013 4th quarter.

    In 2014--using our partnership with the Smer Model Company again, we released the Aurora Viking Ship. Another Retro Classic Plastic release with original Aurora box-art and decals.

Next was the George Adamski Flying Saucer kit-another rare re-issue of a UFO kit from Japan originally produced by Marmit which sold out almost immediately. During this time we were also developing many different all-resin projects based on sci-fi subjects and figures. The German Valkyrie Spacecraft designed by Alfred Wong was the best of these releases, and it was followed by the Atlantis Lunar Shuttle by JP Modelworks ( Jeff Pollizzotto ) and a Grim Reaper on Horseback by Hans Reuters and Jimmy Flintstone.

2015 was a very important year for us. We had many ideas and possible products in development and were finally able to bring some of them into production. The long anticipated Earth vs The Flying Saucers kit finally arrived to very good reviews. We followed that with a re-issue thru Revell-Monogram of the old Aurora Invaders UFO kit. Of course we gave it the typical Atlantis treatment of original box-art, instructions and even included a color print of the original Retail Sell-Sheet. Many thanks again to Andy Yanchus, our official Archivist (ex-Aurora and Marvel employee) and endless source of helpful advice, information and rare prints and image scans.

A new partnership with Lake Freighter Minis brought us a line of beautiful Paper Boat models. These are all made in the US and feature cargo ships, Ferries, and a Liberty ship that are all well-known on the Great Lakes.

We also had been working on a line of Wooden Boat kits. These are easy to assemble, completely made in America kits of famous ships from US history. One of our favorite ships, The Edmund Fitzgerald was the first subject to be released and it was closely followed by the good old RMS Titanic. We have now added the Monitor and Merrimack set, The PT-109, and the Yorktown Aircraft Carrier.

Towards the end of 2015, a new release with Smer brought us the Aurora Black Falcon Pirate Ship. A perfect companion for the Viking ship, they both feature beautiful original box-art by John Steel.

When 2016 began we had 3 new releases in our 5 inch Saucer Series to start the year off right. The Monument Valley UFO Encounter kit is a new design by Raul Quiles Jr. He developed our EVTFS kit based on the original designs by Ray Harryhausen. The Monument Valley kit is molded completely in Crystal Clear and also Glow-in-the-Dark Clear. This will allow for many interpretations by the builder to create their own version. We also did a 2nd Edition of the Earth vs the Flying Saucers kit molded in Silver (so no painting is needed) and gave it a new photo diorama backdrop.

The officially licensed Flash Gordon and Martian figure kit originally released by Revell back in 1965 sold out almost instantly. We followed that up with the Phantom and VooDoo Witch Doctor kit in 2017.

More collaboration with Revell led us to the re-issue of the big 1/72 scale Aurora DC-9 Airliner. We did this in our Classic Plastic Series and it features the original retro artwork showing the Hughes Airwest livery. Our decal sheet, made by Cartograf in Italy, also has markings for TWA. We also added the Gato/Balao Class Submarine to our motorized toy line.

2 More saucers joined the 5 inch series that year. We have the I Want to Believe saucer from the photo by Billy Meier, made famous from the poster featured in Mulder’s office in the X-Files. We also have a saucer based on the single issue comic book from 1950 called Vic Torry and his Flying Saucer. Another very retro release, both of these saucers feature our new 4 piece Saucer Display Stand.

Our company began a new phase!

LONG ISLAND, NY, August 29th 2018 – Atlantis Model Co., manufacturer of plastic models and toys has
purchased the tooling for many plastic model kits from the new owners of Revell, Revell Inc. USA-Blitz
Partners. These molds were from the tooling banks of Monogram, Revell, Aurora and Renwal, some
dating back to the early 1950's. They were stored in Revell’s Elk Grove facility in the great state of Illinois
and represent Automotive, Aircraft, Ships, Military, Figures, Space and many other interesting subjects.
Peter Vetri, President of Atlantis, states, “It's a lifelong dream to own this historic tooling and archive
material related to these molds; to be able to preserve the tooling is a real honor. We look forward to
reissuing many classics that have not been available in quite some time. All of the model kits will be
made here in the USA and all the tooling and the Archive have been moved from Elk Grove to our
facilities in Deer Park, NY. 

The deal was worked out shortly after the Hobbico bankruptcy was settled out. It was a very smooth
transaction. It took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Rick DelFavero, VP of operations,
states, “I think model enthusiasts around the world will be pleasantly surprised in the coming years to
see what the tooling bank and Historical Archive contains. We believe our releases will appeal not only to
people that saw the original issues of these kits, but also to a new generation that can help expand and
grow the hobby!”

We’re always updating our Facebook page-- be sure to stop by to see what is in the works.

We love feedback so please reach out to us with any ideas or projects you would love to see.

Your friends at Atlantis, 

Peter Vetri

Rick Delfavero