Atlantis Models Assembly Instructions

Aircraft Kits

H254 Convair 990
H246 Boeing 707
H221 F-89C Scorpion
H169 Blue Angels
H208 B-29 Superfortress
A145 S2F Hunter Killer
A502 HUP Helicopter
A505 Jolly Green Giant Helicopter
A506 Cheyenne Helicopter
A351 727 Airliner
M5301 PBY-5A Catalina
M1026 Huey 2 Pack
H163 P-3A Orion
H216 B-25 Mitchell Bomber
H218 B-24 Liberator
H236 F-100 Super Sabre
H273 B-52 with X-15
H244 Seamaster
H205 B-36 Peacemaker
H222 P-39 Airacobra
L534 Curtiss Jenny
A6005 Boeing 727

M2204 Son of Troublemaker
M6710 Fireball Dragster
H1494 Green Elephant
H1401 Stake Truck
H1402 Gas Truck
M6600 Leap Hog
M6600 Roar'N Peace
M6650 Lil Red Baron
M6651 Lil Trantula
M224 King Chopper Instructions
H1301 Mr Gasser
H1244 1957 Cadillac
H1440 Jungle Jim Funny Car
H1371 1957 Chevy
13101 Keelers Kustoms Fiat Coupe
H1223 MOONEYES Dragster

H1833 Atlas Rocket
H1828 Convair Shuttlecraft
A256 Flying Saucer
H1825 Moon Ship


M3006 USS Wisconsin
R6300 Task Force Fleet 1/1200
R601 USS North Carolina
L77257 Monitor & Merrimac
L743 Gato Sub
L750 Nautilus Sub
H369 USS Iowa
H457 USS Pittsburgh
H352 Forrest Sherman
R611 USS Ticonderoga
M3008 DKM Bismarck
P1160 Skipjack Oyster Boat

Military Models

H1804 Nike Missile
9001 Air Land and Sea
A301 Patton Tank
A303 Stalin Tank
A307 Howitzer
A326 M-109 Tank

A313 Chi-Ha Japanese Tank

Figure Kits

3005 Metaluna Mutant
H1306 Surfink
A3002 Blackbeard
H1307 Angel Fink
A428 Phantom of the Opera
A453 Forgotten Prisoner
A466 Godzilla
A451 Phantom
A465 King Kong

Science Kits

L3800 The Amazing Amoeba


M6052 Wright Cyclone PAGE 1
M6052 Wright Cyclone PAGE 2

H1551 Allison Pages 1-4

H1551 Allison Pages 5-6

H1551 Allison Pages 7-8