Accounts and Pre-orders

We hope all of you are safe and practicing social distancing and laying low in general. I believe this is helping our country and perhaps we are reaching an Apex here in NY, but time will tell. Our prayers go out to everyone affected by this horrible virus.

We are back in the office with a couple of people shipping orders every other day. While we were at home we built a new website. Please re-bookmark our new site. We were not able to migrate our registered customers information over. This was a bit complex so I am encouraging our great customers to create a new account ASAP.

If you had a PRE-ORDER for the King Chopper we have it,  no need to worry it will ship when ready. However your pre-order for the king chopper will not show up on the new website when you create your account. The king chopper is delayed due to the virus. Once this shakes out we will get a better idea of a shipment da

Apr 7th 2020 Peter Vetri

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