Atlantis Models Presents from the Hobby Archive Blog #1

We come across so many great files in the Atlantis Models Archive! They are filled with so many rare technical drawings, diagrams, artwork, photos and more. We have hand picked some great stuff to post on the Atlantis Blog to share with Hobby Community. In the future some of these rare drawings and artwork will available for purchase. Please note by Atlantis Posting these blogs from the Archive does not indicate that we have that particular mold. When we purchased the model kit tooling we acquired many files related to the molds we own, lost molds and molds owned by others respectively.

Project E-1106  Moon Man.
Dated 3-16-1965
Drawn by Potter

This item eventually was release in 1964 as kit # H1309 Ed Big Daddy Roth's SCUZ-Fink with Dingbat.  Revell held a national contest in 1964 to come up with a name for the this fink and the winner got to spend some time with Ed Roth,

This was actually the only drawing in the Moon Man Folder. Notice no Dingbat.

The original Scuz Fink sell sheet that was given to Hobby distributors and Hobby dealers.

Visit the Rat Fink website!

Aug 17th 2023 Peter Vetri

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