Covid-19 update

Here we are on May 9th, 2020. Here in New York things are still fluid and crazy, but we seem to be getting familiar with it all somehow. I hope all of you are staying healthy and keeping your lives going in some way as we are on a very limited work force ourselves. We have to wait until mid-month to get our next set of marching orders to see how we can move forward. No doubt we will talking about Covid-19 this year and for many years to come. That new normal is right around the bend and I’m curious how it’s going to look for us all across the globe. What happens with schooling for our children, work, and large gatherings of all types, sporting events and shopping? I am sure all of us have many questions about the reopening of our country and the rest of the world.

The medical experts are also telling us to be mindful of the second wave of this tricky virus in the fall. This virus has affected many of my friends here in New York, mostly with older family members, but not all. My deepest condolences to all those who are suffering and have died. The effect of this and how we are able to mourn is also something that is having a troubling effect on families because the traditional way of mourning and gaining closure has been disrupted. This is not being talked about enough in my opinion.

I wish all of you nothing but good health and prosperity in this very difficult times.

Please note, we continue to ship orders out during the work week everyday. We are doing all we can to keep business moving ahead. We have been working on new product and licensing, good news to follow.

May 9th 2020 Peter Vetri

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