Why Build Plastic Models by Rick Delfavero

Why Build Models

Every child began playing with Toy Blocks of some sort. Then, as they grow, some will advance to Legos. The next natural step for these ‘junior engineers’ would be Scale Model Building. Building a plastic model kit is really a technical exercise, following a detailed set of instructions, step by step, to complete a project, but it can also be an art form. Your finished project can be a perfect chance to showcase your creative abilities. There are many different skill levels to accommodate beginners to experts. You can start with Snap-Together or go straight to one that requires glue for assembly.

Paint is not always needed but can really take your model to the next level. A little bit of paint detailing really helps to put your own personal touch on your model. This is a great time to be a model builder because there is such a variety of kits on the market to cover every possible interest. Choose your favorite hot rod, jet fighter or ship, or the latest movie space ship or Japanese Gundam Robot and build it any way you like.

While building your model it is also a chance to dive into the history behind the subject you are modeling. This is one place where technology can assist you. Simple searches on the web can bring you all the historical information on your subject along with endless images of your project to help you capture it more accurately. Historical dioramas are another form of scale modeling to capture entire scenes like military battles, or even hot rods at the drive-in. The sense of accomplishment you get when displaying your finished model is so rewarding. Display it with pride, show it off to friends and family, impress them with the knowledge you have of the history or background of your subject, and then on to your next project! Pick a winner, unplug and start building today!

Some of the major benefits of building plastic models are
Instill a sense of accomplishment
Learn to follow instructions
Sharpen and learn new skills
Take a deep dive into history
Clear the mind and reduce stress
Show off your collection!

Feb 12th 2022 Rick Delfavero

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