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Keelers Kustoms Skorpion Gasser 1/25

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How long is the model when complete:
The model measures 8.25 inches long
What age is recommended:
Ages 14 and up
What paints do I need:
We recommend Black, Blue, Dark Gray, Silver, and Red
Does it come with paint and glue:
Paint and glue are sold separately
How many parts are included:
108 Parts
  • Keelers Kustoms Skropion Gasser 1/25
  • Keelers Kustoms Skropion Gasser 1/25
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1/25 Scale. Second in the series of Keeler Kits.

The '53 Studebaker was a beautiful car that came out in 1953. Its gorgeous styling by Raymond Loewy was well received and the car today is still beautiful. It was adopted for the drag strip to become a “Gasser”. The Gasser class allowed many different types of cars and the aerodynamic Studebaker was chosen by many drag strip car racers because of its shape. This Studebaker gasser is powered by a blown 392 Chrysler V-8, one of the most popular drag racing engines. Includes extra Pontiac engine and engine wiring and clear acetate for the windshield. Molded in red and gleaming chrome. New Artwork by the Gene Chambers. Amazing all new decal sheet.

Enjoy the build!
Skill level 3.

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